Our Commitment

The Pride Education Network is Committed to: (lgbtq – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered/two-spirited, queer/questioning)

  1. Having information on lgbtq people included in the curriculum, pre-school through post-secondary.
  2. Ensuring that resources accurately portray the achievements and contributions of lgbtq people.
  3. Providing positive lgbtq role models for all youth
  4. Bringing issues and concerns of lgbqt youth to the attention of educators and the general public
  5. Ensure that teacher training includes information on lgbtq issues.
  6. Ensure that schools provide a safe and inclusive environment for all
  7. Provide information on the legal rights to lgbtq educators.
  8. Increasing awareness of discrimination and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation.
  9. Supporting HIV/AIDS awareness and education in schools.
  10. Stopping homophobic slurs, violence and intolerance towards lgbtq people in educational settings.