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The Gender Spectrum

A comprehensive resource for K-12 teachers- this handbook challenges the common misunderstanding that gender is distinct for girls and boys. Seeing gender as a spectrum creates inclusive, learning spaces where all students feel safe to be themselves.

Gender Spectrum Handbook 2018 (65 pages) @ $7.00

The Gender Spectrum  | Download and print (pdf)


Creating & Supporting GSAs

Gay–straight alliances are student organizations that are intended to provide a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth and their straight allies (LGBTA).

Creating & Supporting GSA’s 2018 (26 pages) @ $4.00

GSA Handbook | Download and print (pdf)


Dealing with Name Calling

This resource covers rationale, policy, strategies, lesson plans, resources, and educational leadership material for changing school culture.

Dealing with Name-Calling 2010 (52 pages) @ $5.00

Dealing with Name-Calling 2010  | Download and print (pdf)

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Approved Resources in British Columbia:  
These resources have been given approval for use in BC schools by ERAC.  They are now listed in the ERAC online resource collection at

ERAC is  B.C.’s “Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium”,  which evaluates resources for schools in the province.  ERAC recently introduced a service to evaluate resources for schools in the province of British Columbia. BC Ministry of Education policy requires districts to locally approve resources that they use in the classroom if the Ministry of Education has not designated the resource as “Ministry Recommended”. Many school districts have made decisions to recognize “ERAC Evaluated” resources as fulfilling the local evaluation requirement. This has enabled our members to move away from undertaking local evaluations and rely on ERAC’s consortium model. These resources are evaluated for ERAC  by trained BC classroom teachers at the appropriate level and familiar with the targeted curricula.